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If you are looking for the start of a more organized, free life then you are on the right site! This is the first step to having that much needed assistance with your administrative tasks with me! I started this website to connect with people who are looking for a virtual assistant that pays attention to all the small details in coming up with creative ways to solve your problems. I am passionate about making your life easier, and I have systems & processes in place that will help you to stay organized and look professional without you having to lift a finger (okay, maybe except for getting in touch with me to get started immediately!). This site will also be my personal blog, I would love to connect with other organized problem-solvers like me and perhaps share tips and tricks into transforming lives by simply being organized!

My name is Afikile Mhlatuzana, based in South Africa and I am a resourceful young lady who never rests until she finds a solution to a problem! Growing up, I have always been the person family and friends go to when they need to book a flight, type a document, organize a trip and a whole lot of other administrated related tasks. I find joy in making people’s lives easier, and this is my favourite way to do it! I am a writer and a lover of all things beautiful. From wherever in the world you are reading this from – I cannot wait to meet you and be the missing piece to the puzzle of your busy life!

Clients Reviews

Afikile is a great help to our SME with the administrative assistance she offers. Particularly data capture of financial transactions, reconciliations of day-to-day and project-specific income and expenses for the business, as well as monthly financial reporting. Her assistance freed up managers’ time to focus on other responsibilities, and knowing that she is meticulous and reliable ensures we can rest easy and that the job is done right.

Mia (Manager, Non-Profit Company)

I run a photography business and having someone on retainer to send my invoices, follow up on payments and arrange my schedules have changed my life!

Tshepiso P. (Photographer)

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A skilled virtual assistant is an absolute savior for a business owner. Rely on my services and l will prove my professionalism and devotion through timely task completion.

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