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Christine Miller

Website Administration


Personal Errand Services


Business Assistance


Pay Bills


Professinal Achievements


Diploma in Business Administration
National University

2005 – 2008


Courses of Secretarial Studies
General City College

2003 – 2005


All levels: Math, English, Technology
Community College

2000 – 2003


Business Management Company
Personal Asistant

2012 – Present


Mr. John Smith’s Office
Personal Assistant

2009 – 2012

Clients Reviews

Afikile is a great help to our SME with the administrative assistance she offers. Particularly data capture of financial transactions, reconciliations of day-to-day and project-specific income and expenses for the business, as well as monthly financial reporting. Her assistance freed up managers’ time to focus on other responsibilities, and knowing that she is meticulous and reliable ensures we can rest easy and that the job is done right.

Mia (Manager, Non-Profit Company)

I run a photography business and having someone on retainer to send my invoices, follow up on payments and arrange my schedules have changed my life!

Tshepiso P. (Photographer)

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A personal assistant helps with time and daily management, scheduling of meetings, correspondence, and note taking. The role of a personal assistant can be varied, such as answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, emailing, texts etc.

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All the Women You Are: Unveiling the Marvelous Multitudes Within

In a world where diversity reigns supreme, women emerge as the vibrant threads weaving the intricate tapestry of humanity and I am forever in awe of being one! From the bold strokes of trailblazers to the delicate nuances of nurturers, we embody an incredible range of roles, qualities, and strengths. On this women’s day, join me on a journey as I explore the kaleidoscope of all that women are – a celebration of power, resilience, compassion, and boundless creativity.

Shaping History, One Step at a Time:

I am forever expressing my gratitude to the women before me who have made it possible for us to become the women we are privileged to strive to become today. Remember the fierce suffragettes who paved the way for women’s voting rights? Or the fearless astronauts who ventured beyond the sky’s limits? Women have etched their indelible marks on history’s canvas, proving time and again that they are architects of change. Here is a short article I recently read about women who have shaped history over the years on the Smithsonian Magazine – https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/women-who-shaped-history-180968116/ which I found to be so inspiring and a testament of how women have been breaking boundaries for years. The amazing thing is, we have history shapers all around us – think about the women you know who have sparked change in your families, communities and lives!

The Masters of Empathy:

Empathy courses through the veins of women, making them incredible listeners and understanding confidantes. Our ability to step into each other’s shoes with unwavering compassion creates an atmosphere of warmth and trust, fostering deep connections.

Science, Art, and Everything in Between:

A scientist in the lab by day and an artist at heart by night – women effortlessly shift between roles, showcasing their limitless talents. Whether decoding the secrets of the universe or splashing colors on a canvas, they redefine versatility. I hope you cherish all your limitless talents today, because you do not exist in a box and that is a beautiful thing!

Infinite Resilience:

Women stand as testaments to resilience, weathering storms with unmatched grace. Their ability to bounce back from adversities and rise above challenges not only inspires but also propels the entire world forward. Today, I am reminded about the most resilient woman that I knew and how her resilience taught me strength. I wrote a short article about her and all that she meant to me and as I celebrate women’s day, I celebrate her precious life too – https://afikileassists.com/a-tribute-letter-to-my-guardian-angel/.

Nurturers of Life:

In the heart of every woman lies an innate nurturer, a wellspring of love that nourishes families and communities. Mothers, sisters, and friends offer unconditional support, creating a sanctuary where love flourishes.

Champions of Equality:

From advocating for equal pay to smashing stereotypes, women are fierce champions of gender equality. Their relentless pursuit of fairness paves the way for a brighter, more equitable future for us all.

Unleashing Creative Forces:

The realm of creativity belongs to women as much as anyone else. Whether they’re crafting eloquent prose, choreographing breathtaking dances, or composing soul-stirring melodies, their creativity knows no bounds.

Friendship Forged in Steel:

Female friendships are a force to be reckoned with. Through thick and thin, women stand beside each other, offering unwavering support and unwrapping the true meaning of camaraderie and sisterhood.

Breaking Barriers with Style:

Women break down societal norms with a dash of style and panache. With each step that defies convention, they make way for a more inclusive and accepting world.

Women are the embodiment of multifaceted brilliance, a symphony of strength, compassion, and innovation. They shatter ceilings, build bridges, and infuse life with a dynamic energy that knows no bounds. In celebrating women, we celebrate the very essence of what it means to be human – to dream, to create, and to uplift. Let us continue to honor and cherish the remarkable contributions of women in every corner of the world, for they are the true architects of progress and change. To every women reading this – I hope you are reminded of how brilliant you are today. From me to you – happy women’s day, Queen.


The Systems Mindset: Cultivating a Powerful Approach to Personal and Professional Development

In a world of interconnectedness and complexity, the ability to understand and navigate systems is becoming increasingly vital for success in both personal and professional endeavors. In the month of April 2023, I took some time to read “The Art Of Thinking In Systems” by Steven Schuster because I have made the intention to work on my ability to think more critically in all areas of my life. This mindset is an approach that goes beyond the traditional linear thinking and embraces a holistic view of the world. By adopting it, individuals can unlock their full potential, achieve higher levels of productivity, and make more informed decisions.

alt = "A book that I recommend which taught me more about thinking in systems and being more productive. "

Understanding the Systems Mindset

At its core, the systems mindset is about recognizing that everything is interconnected and operates within larger systems. These systems can range from simple ones, like the functioning of a single machine, to highly complex ones, such as the global economy or ecosystems. By embracing this perspective, individuals can move beyond isolated problem-solving and see how various elements interact and influence each other.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

One of the key benefits of this mindset is its ability to reveal the bigger picture. Often, people tend to focus on immediate concerns or isolated tasks without considering their broader implications. The systems mindset prompts us to ask questions like “What are the underlying factors influencing this situation?” or “How does this decision impact other aspects of my life or work?”

By understanding the interconnected nature of systems, individuals can make more informed choices and anticipate potential consequences, leading to better outcomes in the long run. For myself, I want to fully understand the systems that affect my daily life so that I can make better decisions and grow holistically.

Systems Thinking in Professional Development

In the professional sphere, the systems mindset can revolutionize how businesses operate and approach problem-solving. Rather than reacting to individual challenges as they arise, organizations can identify root causes and implement strategic solutions that address multiple issues simultaneously.

Leaders can encourage a culture of systems thinking within their teams, fostering collaboration and creativity. Employees gain a sense of ownership and responsibility, understanding how their contributions fit into the larger organizational framework

Developing the Systems Mindset

Cultivating the systems mindset is an ongoing process that requires a shift in thinking and a commitment to learning. Here are some steps to develop this powerful approach:

  1. Education: Study systems thinking principles and understand real-world examples of how it has been applied successfully.
  2. Awareness: Train yourself to recognize systems and their components in various aspects of life and work.
  3. Holistic Thinking: Encourage thinking that considers multiple factors and perspectives rather than isolated details.
  4. Visualize Connections: Use diagrams and mind maps to visualize the relationships between elements in a system.
  5. Practice Patience: Understand that systems thinking takes time to master and may require trial and error.
  6. Collaborate: Engage in discussions and problem-solving exercises with others to enhance your systems thinking skills.

In conclusion, the systems mindset is a transformative approach that can revolutionize how individuals and organizations approach personal and professional development. By understanding the interconnectedness of all things, we can make more informed decisions, foster innovation, and create lasting positive change. Embracing the systems mindset empowers us to navigate complexity with confidence and contribute meaningfully to a more interconnected world.


A Tribute Letter To My Guardian Angel

Do you remember who your first best friend is? My first best friend was my grandmother. Her name was Nontobeko Cecilia Madiza. She was born on the 31st of May 1947. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother – and I was very fond of her. She was my best friend, and I will never ever forget her impact on my life.

I lost my grandmother to a sudden heart sickness in 2016 but I gained a guardian angel. With this article, I just want to share my fondest memories about my grandmother. I want to keep her memory alive, because I think she was one of the strongest women I knew and loved.

With time passing, my memories of her fade slowly. However, please allow me to share some memories about my grandmother that I carry with me whenever her memory crosses my mind:

  1. She was a praying woman.

My granny was a praying woman – the strongest I personally knew. She lived, breathed and ate God and the church. Her favorite response to anything was “masike siguqe sithandazeni!” (Let us kneel and pray). She taught me how to read, follow the bible and the importance of having a relationship with God. I say that I gained a guardian angel because her prayers still guide and protect me till today, and I will forever be grateful to her for that.

2. She was a great story teller.

My granny had an extremely dramatic personality. This made her a great storyteller. I was a very curious child, and so I loved listening to her stories. We would spend time together and she would tell me stories of her life growing up, tattle tales, etc. I think her storytelling helped me to develop my own storytelling and writing abilities, and for that I am also very grateful to her.

3. I think my grandmother could’ve been a feminist ?

Many of the stories my grandmother told me were centered around how not having financial freedom affected her. I was too young to understand then, but I strongly believe my grandmother was telling me those stories to encourage me to be an independent woman. She always told me I am a beautiful girl, but that I was also a smart one and I should never let that go to waste.

4. My grandmother was my number 1 supporter and cheerleader!

Now, I grew up to be a very ambitious thinker and she encouraged and entertained every single one of my ambitious thoughts. She made me believe that I could become anything that I wanted to become, and I still do.

5. My grandmother was a very thoughtful and loving person

My grandmother was not a very soft person. If you could hear the stories about her upbringing and adult life experiences – you would understand why. However, my grandmother was one of the most thoughtful people I know. Her love language was so unique, with so much to give and help. She would not tell you she loved you much, but she sure did show it through her actions. I am thankful that she taught me how to be thoughtful and considerate, because I believe that is one of the qualities that I get to share and communicate to the world around me.

6. My grandmother loved me unconditionally 

Lastly, my grandmother loved me unconditionally. I am so thankful that I got to experience her unconditional love, and even more thankful that she continues to love and guide me unconditionally as my angel. Through my worst and best moments – I am always blessed and I believe that is because my praying grandmother loved me with everything in her and it is so beautiful to me how her love manifests in my life beyond her death.

It is her birthday today and If I had a chance to speak to her again, I would say:

“Happy Birthday, maZulu. I hope you are proud of the woman I am becoming. Thank you for raising me. Thank you for affirming the little girl in me – your affirmations have carried me and I will always be grateful to you for that. Thank you for being my best friend, but most importantly thank you for being the best guardian angel. I miss you so much, and I hope you are resting well in heaven, my angel. Till we meet again.”


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